AGITATION FREE – Brilliant box with rare material and new live DVD

On October 28, 2016, MIG Music will release a new box with rare material and new live DVD of AGITATION FREE.

The band is a living legend. Since their break up in 1974 the band which was internationally just as influential as Can or Neu! had made itself scarce. Now the original members are playing occasional concerts again, and they have not (more…)

Lonnie Donegan Meets Leinemann

On September 30th we will add “Lonnie Donegan Meets Leinemann” to our Collectors Premium series.

In the 70’s LEINEMANN were an integral part of the so-called “Hamburger Szene” which was founded at Onkel Pö’s Carnegie Hall. And it became its home base. Udo Lindenberg, the Rentnerband and also comedians like Otto Waalkes, Willem or Truck Stop made music from Hamburg famous across city borders. (more…)